Comiendo TORTAS FRITAS Argentinas + Tomando MATE en un Día de Invierno 🧉

Comiendo TORTAS FRITAS Argentinas + Tomando MATE en un Día de Invierno 🧉

more ok good afternoon everyone welcome to another day in the kitchen with my dad daniel here we are back another gray day without cloudy depressing sun and locked up at home so today we decide how to say the fried cakes to have with some mates good half to drink mate These last few days I don’t know why it’s cold I don’t know what ever but hey so if super easy recipe and there are, this is like the one who says the recipe for those who want to sit down to have a coffee a tea some masters and want to make something super fast and cheap the main thing because this recipe brings us absolutely nothing that I can not say I could go buy this is expensive from that flour a little animal fat salt and water and then of course fry them so well we are going to do Not a very large amount because there are few of us here at home and we have to continue with the diet so as it says to try a little more, so we have half a kilo of flour about 80 grams of pig animal fat or cow can be a tablespoon of salt a cup of warm water there is the flour we are going to make a little hole in the center like a volcano and we put the fat in the water that is added little by little we are going to mix this and this is a recipe that people have been asking for I think that if not months ago, more than a year ago it gives fried cakes and fries cakes finally an increase and the rest of the water is already there while we cook everything very patiently waiting for it to be time to go out to play in the snow true all how many times a day tube and how many times a day tell us and then now we let it rest for about 10-15 minutes covered is nothing more than incorporating the flour with it with the fat is with the water and the salt begins by mixing sweet a small spatula and when he has more or less incorporates everything and he cannot put the grip on it, he does it with his hand a little inside the pen when he already has the bun, the ball of dough well done gives him a couple of kneading and you are like that on the table now we leave it d Scan the oil is already in the prepared pan, we can use one of these as well if it is easier for you, we have it from Montreal it still has the price, the sticker stuck, my wife did not find it in a drawer from when we had to return this one in 2000 Argentina and all the belongings were sold we made a sale here we say garage sale but I think you say it would be American American sale something like that and we sold all our belongings this could not be sold here is the price 150 pesos 50 things was the time not It was the time of 11 one dollar 50 It was the time that the Argentine peso was at par with the dollar, I think I’m not going to stop remembering this, my wife bought them in Montreal I opened a house that was dedicated to everything that was like The theme of pastry cakes is said, all that and since the girls were little and always asked for decorated cakes and strange things, my wife had a tremendous collection of pastry items for gifts that is the word I was looking for in confectionery and when we moved we all took to Argentina of course all these things also left and later it is seen that nobody was interested in buying what happened, the vast majority of things were sold on the web They were sold when we returned here to North America to start our lives over here again so good if then I tell you that the dough is almost going to see and this is good

for everything everything that is colansa cleaning and this is to cut the dough into pieces, then it is useful to see that the dough rests for about 15 minutes now we begin to form the pots they can make them the way they like the most, there are no two fried cakes that are the same and infinite so that the oil you cook them well on both sides at 190 degrees the oil and the fried cakes ah yes ah ends a small group came out, a small group but enough to drink mate these can be made at any time super easy s super fast half an hour more or less for the mixture counting perhaps the time to wait for those 15 minutes and perhaps another 20 minutes to always fry the oil very hot 6 because if the oil is not hot enough all the oil gets into it inside and it is very greasy, that is, the oil is very hot and now we are going to get hold of it, we are going to prepare some mates and we are going to sit down to taste these fried cakes one special windy day this morning I wanted to go out with him he touched the park and he gave me his way no more because the wind was blowing us in luck that last night it rained a little and I cleaned the part of ice that was everywhere and if we are going to prepare the mates then we go on Tuesdays with deposit your face of mine you also believe nothing the question I put here the Once spent far away and that little bit and rich blood attends him, he does not drink mate, the people find it very bitter, then he gets a little sugar, he changes the good thing, the fried cake, I could not resist shirt, a salty shower. I put sugar on them, those do not have sugar First, Mauritius, so simple, came out delicious for me. The first time I tried fried cakes was in Argentina, last year, I realized that every time we made a technical stop along the road like that, they used to have people selling fried doughs they didn’t have a pot like this full of Havana oil and fats and frying strawberries homemade bread and bread with which they have the chicharrón chicharrón that also on the side of the route in which thing it was not just when I took the first sip of mate it was like If there were the pain that there was in the Cambodian kitchen in the house in the country but not in the house when there was the old house that there was still the economic kitchen, the one that worked with wood and one entered and there killed our caretaker of the property just and you entered the kitchen and it was that mixture of the smell of wood smoke and love yourself and just with the first mate I drank it was like it tasted like the brain of the human being the taste of the mate I drink and the connection was And instantaneously, it is as if the old house had entered the house, the old part that was later remodeled, no but in the beginning around the decade of the early 60s it was that and on top of that the economic stove had worn the seals of asbestos so when you learned it you lost a lot of smoke and it smoked a lot inside the kitchen so many of the walls and the ceiling were half scorched by

the smoke and when you entered from that place it was but that smell I do not know if it will have lost but at that time it was that smell of a country house and apart was that smell is a mixture of so many of so many things together because the smell of wood smell of smoke smell of matte smell of wine the stone walls that give and pure lina and that way It spilled on the tablecloth that was plastic and it dried up there and that the next day you couldn’t clean it because it was like an ink stain more than more than wine so yes and then the smells of everything that were things like sausages and bought one salam ines and one would hang them up and in the kitchen next to the kitchen there was what was called the pantry, so the salami were hung there, there were the coffee products, but everything was sold at that time in bulk, all loose, it did not come packaged then those aromas and they all mixed there in the kitchen and it was but an incredible thing is not as characteristic good as seeing this hidden is rich but always when one begins to drink the first sips I think they are the most bitter until it goes to abandonment And for the third or fourth mate I think it is more to my liking I add a little sugar because if the four are not too bitter it is good the fried cakes needless to speak and this reminds me that we had not eaten in a long long time fried cake at home we have not made it is the first time not the last year that we lived in Argentina that was 69 a good part of 69 and part of 70 because we did not go in July of 70 but we were living in the country house and I remember that we were already having a bad time at that time economically speaking I was already like someone who says scratching at the bottom of the pan not one day does a neighbor appear who had a laboratory and it seems that a A beekeeper from the province of Misiones with all its hives had brought me in a truck when they got to the property where they had to enter there was a frame that was like a roof that was adorned if the entrance to the property was some pillars and had a roof like Two upstream of the truck I could not enter so they asked my brother and me if we could help them enter all the hives they unloaded all the hives up there where at the gate let’s say and the descent to the house was like a steep hill to the day under the dirt road they gave us a metal cart of those iron with rubber wheels and the beekeeper would load the beehives on the cart and my brother and I had to take them up the hill. I go down with a stick so that it does not escape us because you are prey and once it picks up speed to the descent so that the bee would have finished who knows where but the bugs that were bad because they had become like the ones that were bothering us and moving us They had given us those hats that have wool in the ned and nothing else the arms and nothing like that in bare arms and we were dealing with those bugs and with that for a good part of a day because there were many that they had brought and the next day the beekeeper and after two or three days he took honey from the hives and brought us a can that was a 5 liter oil can of motor oil that but in the field everything is used nothing goes to the garbage then the oil cans the motor They washed they washed well they put a wire handle to carry them and he brought us one of those filled to the brim with pure honey and of course we gave him the fried cakes hard because that was more or less all that remained so we spent eating fried cakes with honey for weeks and black filter coffee tries to remember that coffee that comes average smn good with that coffee in it with sugar and we made fried cakes and honey honey on top instead of sugar we put honey and that and that was there we were already hitting rock bottom as who says economically you are in the cane are the simple pleasures of life ours is fried mate a glass of wine today we are not drinking wine start the diet again now is that the holidays have passed we have eaten everything we wanted to eat that’s why we made few because if it’s not direct a mountain has already passed with the donuts, my daughter took a big platter to where she lives and

here they stayed and four days ago we are eating ice like crazy girls for him breakfast for a snack at night with the light, you get hungry, a lot of temptation and how bad it is now, winter and how you can’t do nothing because everything is closed, everything is regulated, is t I hear with protocol so more than anything we are stuck at home and it is like that one already gets what is called here in this part of the world phifer or cabin fever will be very common to me here in the northern part of Canada and alaska you with all those territories when when they went to look for gold and they were in the winter in the cabins and those storms came that there were times that they had to be locked in the cabins they could not leave and then they gave them what is called the cabin fever that people begin to feel claustrophobic that they begin to have mental problems they begin to have avoidable aggressiveness problems irritable the guys in the cabins at that time the gold diggers among people who were living together come to your friend and They ended up fighting to the point of killing each other sometimes in case there were some who decided to leave and even in the middle of a storm they left and they left in the middle of a storm and they are not seen They were never lost again, they were swallowed by the great north as it says here, then there are also many things happening until this type of thing when the world has suffered from pandemics of great confinement and people begin to mentally not be able to resist it and This is especially good in climates where the temperature is more pleasant and it is warmer, you can still go out a little and say well, I’m walking from the supermarket or whatever, but in these climates in this area, here in the north, the weather is rough in winter and when there is a confinement like this and people more than anything in the places that are further away are fine and as they say and solitary in Spanish isolated isolated if I often get confused with that word because in English it is there is sun of life and The Spanish transformed it, I say and solado, but it is not insulated like racing insulation insulation in English, so if that is the issue that has been expected or has been stretched or has been stretched, everything is within this matter And one already finds that the confinement is too much not here at the time that this type of behavior was seen a lot when well when this country began to form itself and it is loved in especially in the area that belonged to the hudson a great part of eastern Canadian territory that was called reuters land or rupert land was the entire area that was included between the rivers that carried their waters to the Canadian north towards hudson bay then all those territories that were included between all those rivers that they were going to that place they were awarded to the company this was a company called hudson beautiful hudson bay they are still in business here they had almost 9 million square kilometers and it was awarded by prince rupert for that reason reuters mind in the rupert land was won this this company was a trading company that made trade and busiest of them was the subject of the skins p Wild animals then they had in that train in the extension of totally wild territory they were the law they governed as a governor but from the company of the hudson they ruled in those territories at ease and piacere the native peoples made them hunters they went out to hunt the skins with traps and they brought them and this company had what was called the cars that the stalls where the skins were sold there, that is, they received everything that was the skin that the hunters brought they exchanged it was not a money thing that sold them it was generally a swap needed tools of machetes, axes, rifles and ammunition, the famous ones, the famous blanket with the colors that they still sell, you can put a photo here and the blankets, those good ones, were according to the color strip that had a different value because it was of better or lower quality the blanket then according to the skin brought by the person who was going to make the exchange they gave him a blanket that had There was a yellow stripe blue stripe red stripe there was

another one that were all white, those said that they were for the chiefs of the tribes a very very interesting story what happened here in the great north as they say here and of course they had divided the territory between france and between england, that is, france had everything that was what they called in the cloud the french the new france which is what the province of Québec is and the english found the way up north to enter to hudson bay and james bay not so it is to avoid the french who had in the territory down by the san lorenzo river they came from the northern part of canada up there and there forts were built and The strong had these trading businesses, which are called in English or they would come to be like positions from within and that claudia barter positions those who hunted were engaged in hunting, they brought the skins and took out merchandise that they needed. Still in that area in return although so yes and then of course the alliances between England and and between France began with the different groups of native peoples, each one made his team of warriors also if you want because they fought for both one side and for The other of the native peoples here took sides and want a rumba story one day I’m going to tell you more but that’s what it’s all about then all these people who were the trappers the transfers who went out to hunt and lived away from everything and there When the storms caught them in the winter and they were stuck in the cabins, then the issue of the fever of the cabins comes up that they went crazy because they could not bear it and the same happened with the famous when gold was found in the yukon and in Alaska and those great migrations of people who came to look for gold to try to get rich overnight, well that was also a story, an epic, because what came They were inventive and how things worked it was super interesting the story of how these areas of the world were forged so well he began to ramble all the best that we have left for today’s snack tomorrow’s breakfast is now Again, my recent wife was here and she tells me that she did not remember having eaten this, I never tell her if we have eaten them and she tasted it and she liked it very much so she is going to give this sweet treat as it is no longer in diet has an advantage over good good you are in day either so good this is today you liked a duct yes yes I liked you you are more a little more maybe not a sugar a little sweet the best yes especially to good principle and what are the qualities of yerba mate so we are reading about that ok it takes away your hunger yes so it helps you lose weight and they also say that it helps you and focus you focus pay attention to what is being cognitive cholesterol the cholester ol energy already helps you lose weight what else is there that else said yes because yerba mate when when the conquerors arrived here america and saw that in the area of ​​the part of argentina what is paraguay southern bolivia brazil they consumed it The original Jesuits studied it in members that it has many antioxidants and nutrients and I know that it can help you fight against infections and certain bacteria and parasites if it has a lot of good properties of yerba mate and well, that’s why the qualities were studied that I had and it was discovered that it really is very very beneficial for benefits or they will benefit and benefits benefits them forgive the words that are lost, it is discovered for a long time and what does not have to come out but hey you already know how things are later For so many years here, the Spanish that is not used every day at home is like you lose a lot and immediately the part of the word in English comes out but tra Duced

like Spanish that does not work because there is not the same word in many cases and that is the issue that there are times that one gets a mess here in the sesera and you have to go to google because the words are lost When you do not use them much, well, how do you leave me with this, we say goodbye with our mates here in health good day I know the truth that the fried cakes are a spectacle, the mates, no matter what, they came out very good too, cloudy gray afternoon cold and full of humidity nothing better than This is starting to snow a little oriental and it is like that, it is two in the afternoon in an hour more completely slam in taking part of the walk and at least I am going to go out with her with a belly full with some fried cakes and I kill us inside to withstand the onslaught ever

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