Conversacion en ingles El importante Verbo Comer to eat

Conversacion en ingles El importante Verbo Comer to eat

I’m hungry I didn’t eat a lot this morning me neither I only ate a peanut would you like to eat something yes I want to eat some rice I’m going to eat some hamburgers have you ever eaten hamburgers yes I have but I don’t like to eat hamburgers you should eat my hamburgers they’re delicious okay I will I’ll eat your hamburgers with you conditional with like to eat I would like to eat I’d like to eat you would like to eat you’d like to eat he would like to eat he’d like to eat she would like to eat she’d like to eat it would like to eat you’d like to eat we would like to eat we’d like to eat they would like to eat they’d like to eat you would like to eat you’d like to eat he through study I said what would you like to do me gustarĂ­a commit I’ll go I’d like to eat something kita gustarĂ­a come here what would you like to eat me gusta comer crois que cosa I’d like to eat anything donde de castilla comer where would you like to eat I’m in the hysteria camerin el parque I’d like to read at the park I would like to eat at the park at the park I meet them bien me too que tipo de gaia esta historia comer what kind of cookies would you like to eat me gustarĂ­a comer guy yet esta chocolate chip I’d like to eat chocolate chip cookies future going to to eat khmer primero Lacan hygge Sione despues la practica I’m going to eat you’re going to eat he’s going to eat she’s going to eat it’s going to eat we’re going to eat they’re going to eat you are going to eat I’m going to eat literalmente significa yo estoy yendo a comer perĂłn espanol said he’s a boy a comer unless say they say I’m going to eat a rat tiempo para practicar time to practice give us a ser what are you going to do

voy a comer I’m going to eat vas a comer algunos frijoles are you going to eat some beans no no way a comer frijoles no I’m not going to eat beans porque no Vasek America less why aren’t you going to eat beans made on gas they give me gas que vas a comer what are you going to eat voy a comer algunas amber guesses I’m going to eat some hamburgers qantas and Burgesses vas a comer how many hamburgers are you going to eat voy a comer kinsey and Burgesses I’m going to eat 15 hamburgers porque vas a comer tantas and Burgesses why are you going to eat so many hamburgers porque tengo hambre because I’m hungry que tipo de and Burgesses vas a comer what kind of hamburgers are you going to eat voy a comer amber guesses con queso I’m going to eat cheeseburgers donde vas a comer where are you going to eat viacom Araki I’m going to eat here kwangin vas a comer who are you going to eat with voy a comer contigo I’m going to eat with you cuando vas a comer when are you going to eat boy akamaru ora mismo I’m going to eat right now tu hermano become ER is your brother going to eat here no no become a hockey now he’s not going to eat here now he isn’t going to eat here porky Novak America nosotros why isn’t he going to eat with us vaca mere con otra persona he’s going to eat with someone else come kin bacho Merrill who is he going

to eat with the Khmer con su novia he’s going to eat with his girlfriend don’t they become heir where is he going to eat become heirloom restaurant he’s going to eat at a restaurant don’t they wanna come here where are they going to eat quad restaurant a which restaurant Monica marinade restaurant a chino they’re going to eat at the Chinese restaurant vamos a comer let’s see you I ate you ate he ate she ate it ate we ate they ate you ate Gumi still busted did you eat the pie no Joe no no I didn’t eat ooh and you did you see Josie yes I did Camille pastel I ate the pie ate turkey Nokomis tell pastel why didn’t you eat the pie no Camille pastel porque estoy de dieta I didn’t eat the pie because I’m on a diet CACO me stay what did you eat Kumi in salalah i ate salad bellissimo great great capacity in Salonika me stay what kind of salad did you eat Comey

ensalada verduras I ate vegetable salad quanta ensalada chemist a how much salad did you eat communitas plateaus day in salalah I ate two plots of salad poor Keiko misty tanta in salalah why did you eat so much salad commit anta ensalada por que tenia hombre I ate so much salad because I was hungry loss plateaus Aaron pequeños the plates were small don’t Iike me stay where did you eat to mean and Commodore I ate in the dining room Camila’s in El comedor we’re in the dining room con kingu me stay who did you eat with Kumiko me esposa I ate with my wife not his wife it’s just a little boy do we hook Camille mucho did your son eat a lot CLC yes he did Camille mucho he ate a lot yo tambiĂ©n por que tengo dolor de estomago ki como el que como el what did he eat el come come you son he ate sandwiches que tipo de sandwiches come you what kind of sandwiches did he eat whom your sandwiches they are tuned he ate tuna sandwiches quanto sandwiches communal how many sandwiches did he eat how many sandwiches did he eat whom your kinsey sandwiches he ate 15 sandwiches porky kkumeul tonto sandwiches

why did he eat so many sandwiches come your tanto sandwiches por que tenia hombre he ate so many sandwiches because he was hungry don’t Iike mewhen where did he eat where did he eat come your key he ate here donde Kumaran Suzhou trucks otros hijos where did your other kids eat come here Nikita mean they ate here too simple present to eat Khmer primero la cocina despues la practica I eat you eat he eats she eats it eats we eat they eat you eat I like to eat you like to eat he likes to eat she likes to eat it likes to eat we like to eat they like to eat you like to eat Kiki this I said what do you want to do Kiera c’mere want to eat kamar galletas do you want to eat cookies no no kioku margaritas now I don’t want to eat cookies porque no quieres comer Gatos why don’t you want to eat cookies no quiero comer gaeta’s porque tengo diabetes I don’t want to be cookies because I have diabetes cake Ares chimera what do you want to eat kino chimera rose I want to eat rice cake glasses they are raw skills Khmer what kind of rice do you want to eat Kido come here arroz Blanco I want to eat white rice cuantos Kiera’s come here how much rice do you want to eat Kiera Cameron plateau de arroz I want to

eat one plate of rice – mama quiero comer con nosotros does your mom want to eat with us no se CAE Akira I don’t know if she wants to know pienso que quiere I don’t think she wants to know quiero comer con nosotros she doesn’t want to eat with us porque no why not no quiero comer con nosotros por que no quiero comer con los otros why doesn’t she want to eat with us a is allergic ah allure a la rose she’s allergic to rice cake Erica Maria what does she want to eat Kiera Cameron hamburguesa she wants to eat a hamburger they gusta comer el pescado do you like to eat fish no no me gusta comer el pescado no I don’t like to eat fish por que no te gusta comer de pescado why don’t you like to eat fish no me gusta comer del pescado porque es ASCO I don’t like to eat fish because it’s gross get the gusta comer like to eat my gusta comer pizza I like to eat pizza cake Lassa depicts a de gusta comer what kind of pizza do you like to eat me gusta comer Pizza de pepperoni I like to eat pepperoni pizza los tiburones common a personas do sharks eat people no no commander personas no they don’t eat people no solamente

not usually not usually Barabbas is see but sometimes they do this is common a personas sometimes they eat people okay useful meant a comment what do they usually eat whose will meant a common outros Pescados they usually eat other fish entonces que les gusta comer so what do they like to eat les gusta camara otros Pescados they like to eat other fish tsuzuku me bananas does your baby eat bananas no no kamae bananas no she doesn’t eat bananas keiko me what does she eat yakame comida Devi she eats baby food CACO me superbe what does your baby eat elcome a pure demon sauna eat to patinas he eats applesauce and suckers Sugata le gusta comer ratones does your cat like to eat mice no I and NOLA gusta comer rottenness no she doesn’t like to eat mice Legos de comer comida de Gatos she likes to eat cat food Kayla gusta comer su perro what does your dog like to eat I’ll acoustic Amer comida de perro he likes to eat dog food past participle participle pasado eating

amoeba but in present a perfecto present perfect city say I have eaten I’ve eaten you have eaten you’ve eaten he has eaten he’s eaten she has eaten she’s eaten it has eaten it’s eaten we have eaten we’ve eaten they have eaten they’ve eaten you have eaten you’ve eaten the road noise a lute una casa del participe of asado tambiĂ©n SE aqui estan otros Usos I would have eaten para decir for the other Camino for driver Camino series say I could have eaten the para decir umbria comedo I would have eaten Escamillo tilapia have you eaten yet No – no literalmente no no way no I haven’t no I have not no eh comedo I haven’t eaten porque no Escobedo why haven’t you eaten no eh comedo por que no habĂ­a nada para comer I haven’t eaten because there wasn’t anything to eat as to no CDC s en espanol browning let’s see have you asked amigo have you written CUC literalmente see a see Joey yes I have yes I have a comedo I have eaten I’ve eaten doggy a severe comedo you should have eaten police aver comedo you could have eaten a Bria comedo CEO Vieira comida en el refrigerator you I would have eaten if there was food in the refrigerator que paso consuit area literalmente kippa so a suit area what

happened to your homework free cometo put in payroll it was eaten by the dog by my dog aku middle – esposa as your wife eaten no noncommittal todavĂ­a no she hasn’t eaten yet porque no comida todavia why hasn’t she eaten yet Noah comedo todavia por que no se Alto de trabajo she hasn’t eaten yet because she hasn’t come back from work alguna vez as Camilo pulpo have you ever eaten octopus no no ka Camila poop oh no I have never eaten octopus no I’ve never eaten octopus no I haven’t ever eaten octopus present continuous eating comiendo Romero lack incubation in the space la practica I am eating I’m eating you are eating you were eating he is eating he is eating she is eating she is eating here is healing it’s eating we are eating we’re eating they are eating they’re eating colas contracciones as mass commune in conversation estas haciendo what are you doing estoy comiendo I’m eating estas comiendo burritos are you eating burritos no no estoy comiendo burritos no I’m not eating burritos estas comiendo what are you eating estoy comiendo tacos I’m eating tacos que tipo de tacos estas comiendo what kind of tacos are you eating estoy comiendo tacos de apoyo I’m eating chicken tacos cuantos tacos estas comiendo how many tacos are you eating estoy comiendo dos tacos I’m eating two tacos donde estas comiendo hmm where are you eating estoy comiendo aqui mi oficina I’m eating here in my office porque estas Camino akina trabajo why are you eating here at work estoy

Kamil por que tengo hambre I’m meeting because I’m hungry LS that comme un de algo is he eating something siesta yes he is Kista comiendo what is he eating esta comiendo al lado he is eating ice cream cuanto al lado esta commend oh how much ice cream is he eating esta Camino dos bolas de lado he is eating 2 scoops of ice cream he clase de helado esta comiendo what kind of ice cream is he eating esta come dadada Fresa il-allah chocolatey he is eating strawberry ice cream and chocolate ice cream kiss Takumi and Oh eeeh what is she eating this the commend OB steak she’s eating steak aaaah system comiendo SOPA are they eating soup no no Stan comiendo SOPA no they’re not eating soup no they aren’t eating soup estamos comiendo pasta we’re eating pasta we’re eating pasta no se permit de cámara no trabajo no eating at work eating isn’t permitted at work repeat the conversation until you are an expert great job I have been eating I’ve been eating you’ve been eating he’s been eating she’s been eating it’s been eating we’ve been eating they’ve been eating last contraction is some mass communist in conversation que estaba siendo what have you been

doing a este documento I have been eating I’ve been eating estado commando pizza have you been eating pizza no no esta el camino pizza no I haven’t been eating pizza ki estado commando not have you been eating a style commando be steak I’ve been eating steak hemos estado commando be steak we’ve been eating steak donde an estado commando donde esta documento cetera loser lo mismo nameless where have you been eating este documento me oficina I’ve been eating in my office hemos estado con me and rocky we’ve been eating here porque esta loco me and rocky why have you been eating here hey este documento aquĂ­ porque me otro supervisor Mobley girls are low I’ve been eating here because my other supervisor made me do it por eso hemos estado come in rocky that’s why we’ve been eating here past continuous I was eating you were eating he was eating she was eating it was eating we were eating they were eating you were eating que estas haciendo what were you doing Estela comiendo I was eating esta vez commando pizza were you eating pizza no no style comiendo pizza no I wasn’t eating pizza kiss that was commando what were you eating he started coming to be steak I was eating steak a – we must commend obese take we were eating steak don’t estuvieron comiendo where were you eating as tuvimos camino

mi oficina we were eating in my office porque esto veeram commune rocky why were you eating here estaba commune de aquella casa de me does happily dad I was eating here because of my disability por el so as to be most common dokie that’s why we were eating here should the way know that the meadow pero de hacer Davis hacer algo I should eat you should eat he should eat she should eat it should eat we should eat they should eat you should eat devil commit Aki should I eat here no note that is chimera key now you shouldn’t eat here no camerea akka I wouldn’t eat here as laocoon today me otros supervisor Keiko Maki it’s my other supervisors fault that I eat here don’t they they will come here where should I eat there is cometa fuera you should eat outside come area of weather pero hace mucho Frio I would eat outside but it’s very cold I’d eat outside but it’s very cold I can eat you can eat he can eat she can eat it can eat we can eat they can eat for the committee will come a-knockin can I eat here no no puedes chimeric e no you can’t eat here porque no protocol mannakee why can’t I eat here hace un lĂ­o debe estar trabajando it makes a mess and you should be working cuando pedo commit a key when can I eat here nunca never I will eat I’ll eat out a settlement a you cannot contract soon you’ll eat he’ll eat she’ll eat it’ll eat we’ll eat belly you’ll eat komurasaki will you eat here now I won’t eat here don’t they come at us where will you eat come away acquara I’ll eat outside opaza lament a chimera Aggie mañana I

might eat here tomorrow you

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